Tips from Fourth-Years

“Go to every event with free food.”

By Michael Lynch

“I have so many, but befriend the dining hall staff and the front desk staff. They are wonderful people who really will come through when you need them! Also, don't be afraid to pull back when you need to…everyone needs a little bit of space sometimes. A trip to a coffee shop in a different neighborhood and going offline for a few hours can do a world of good.” —Aiden Million, history and political science major

“Eat as much fresh vegetables during your time at Bartlett because you will never go out and actually purchase and then actually eat your vegetables.” —Gina Yu, computer science major

“Do not be afraid of staying in housing if you don't have financial concerns. Housing can be *cool* as an upperclassman if you fit in, even if all your friends are moving out and think you should too.” —Fernando De Stefanis, mathematics and economics major

“‘Pre-requirements’ are almost never real and you can usually not do them as long as you ask nicely. Plus, pro tip: befriend an Ex Lib barista and sometimes they'll give you the leftover pastries at the end of the night. Also, at midnight there is free coffee.” —Corinne Riley, economics major

“Try things that fall outside your conception of yourself.” —Sagar Tikoo, economics major

“Things will be much easier if you show up, show effort, and show some humility…. What I’ve found is that if you genuinely try, the professors and TAs will take great pains to help you as much as they can…. I’ve found that to generally be true in most areas.” —Rohan Shah, biological chemistry and chemistry major

“In any upper level [math] class there will pretty much always be something the teacher assumes you know, but wasn't actually covered in the prerequisite classes…. It's on you to fill the gaps in yourself! Check out books from the library, read them, and do exercises you aren't assigned.” —Rush Brown, mathematics major

“Don't be intimidated by your professors. I remember feeling a bit afraid of some of my more academically renowned profs early on…. Don't be afraid to talk to them because they are here to help you!” —Anonymous

“Go to every event with free food. You’ll never regret a slice of free pizza. Plus, you'll meet tons of new friends while snacking on tasty treats.” —Olivia De Keyser, linguistics and East Asian languages and civilization major

“I wish I knew about all the special courses and when they would be offered earlier on in college. UChicago has some of the coolest, most interesting classes, but with the Core, two majors, and studying abroad, the best opportunity to take some electives outside your major could be second or third year (if you can snag a spot).” —David Millstein, history and political science major

“Don’t be scared of upperclassmen. They don’t have their lives together like you think they do but have learned to fake it and can give good advice on how to fake it…. Also, Hyde Park Produce has a great cheese selection.” —Jackie Feng, economics major

“I challenge you to periodically remind yourself of the incredible privilege that you have as a student at this University. The students that you will study with, the professors that you will take classes with, and the opportunities you will take advantage of are truly amongst the best in the world.” —Zach Stepp, political science major