O-Week: Eight Underage Students Transported to ER After Drinking

There was an average of 0.8 liquor violations per year over the past six years.

By Camille Kirsch, News Editor

Eight underage students were brought to the emergency room after consuming alcoholic beverages this O-Week, according to University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) incident reports.

This represents a substantial increase compared to the past six years, during which incident reports for alcohol-related ER transports during O-Week averaged only 0.8 per year.

UCPD reports indicated that eight liquor law violations occurred between Saturday, September 16, and Sunday, September 24. During the corresponding period last year, only three violations were reported.

Liquor law violations have been trending upward in recent years. In 2011, six alcohol violations were reported over the course of the year. By 2013, that number had increased to 34 violations, and in 2016, 55 total violations were reported.

Nearly all of this year’s liquor violations were reported at dormitories, which house predominantly first-year students during O-Week. All first-year students are required to complete an online alcohol education program before arriving on campus.

Marielle Sainvilus, University Director of Public Affairs, told the Maroon that it's likely students did not consume the alcohol in University residence halls.

"Underage drinking is strictly prohibited not only in the Residence Halls, but on the entire UChicago campus. While many of the calls came from College Housing, the actual consumption of alcohol likely occurred elsewhere. All students transported to the emergency room were evaluated and released," Sainvilus said.

Three of the incidents occurred at Max Palevsky Residential Commons. Two occurred at Campus North. International House and Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons each recorded one report of a violation, and one violation was reported at 5757 South University Avenue.

Five of the six incidents took place between midnight and 4 a.m., with one individual transported from Campus North at 10:41 p.m.

No liquor violations were recorded in the preceding week.