Office of Civic Engagement Launches Online Portal for Community-Oriented Student Jobs

The portal, titled Pathfinder, will match students to paid and volunteer positions based on their interests.

By Katherine Vega

Last month, the Office of Civic Engagement launched an online portal to help students find community-oriented volunteer positions and jobs.

The portal, called the Student Civic Engagement Pathfinder, links students to opportunities through six of its programs, including the University Community Service Center (UCSC), the Neighborhood Schools Program (NSP), and the Collegiate Scholars Program. According to the civic engagement website, NSP estimates that it will recruit 400–500 student employees this year, and UCSC estimates that it will place 100–150 students in placements across the city.

At the time of publication, the portal had 28 opportunities listed. Along with the office and job description, each post states a pay range, basic qualifications and years of education required, and the number of hours per week. The website also allows users to filter opportunities by field, type of work, issue area, and study level.

The portal will offer work-study, non-work-study, and volunteer opportunities. Office of Civic Engagement director Shaz Rasul said that the website was developed in response to students’ desire to connect with community work. Pathfinder, he said, can help match students to positions that match their interests.