Maroons Continue to Dominate UAA

The University of Chicago women’s soccer team remains undefeated and the No. 1 team in the country following a win over UAA opponent Case Western Reserve University.

By Diestefano Loma

The University of Chicago women’s soccer team remains undefeated and continues to dominate in extraordinary fashion, making easy work of Case Western Reserve University with a 3–0 win. From the start of the season, the Maroons have put other teams on notice with their blowout victories, and continue to reiterate that they are a juggernaut and the biggest roadblock every team must face.

Although best known for her dimes and dribbles, fourth-year Mia Calamari’s skills are limitless, having broken the deadlock after magnificently striking the ball from 30 yards out, which would find the back of the net in the seventh minute. She would be assisted by second-year Mackenzie Peebles, who recorded her fifth assist. 

While no more goals were scored in the first half, the Maroons looked to extend their lead, with second-year Hanna Watkins having two headers on goal in the span of a minute. Fourth-year Kelsey Moore would also strike a ball that was saved by the keeper. She would later go on to have a total of four shots on target. Their opponents, on the other hand, would not have a single opportunity to shoot the ball. 

As the second half began, the Maroons would have no problem continuing to show their dominance. In the 46th minute, Calamari delivered a stellar cross that the Spartans’ defender would attempt to clear, but headed it in for an own goal. The blowout would end around the 75th minute, when a corner kick by second-year Rachel Dias redirected off a header from first-year Claudia Hodgetts, and allowed second-year Julia Lodoen to head it in and extend the lead by a third goal. 

The Maroons (14–0), stay ranked No. 1 as they continue to make history. When asked if the team acknowledges this feat or if they move on after each game, Calamari said, “I think we do a nice mix of both, recognizing the success we’ve had on the field and also thinking about what’s brought us that success, and trying to build upon that every game and every practice.”

Calamari went on to speak of the intimidation faced by being the No. 1 ranked team, stating, “I think being the No. 1 ranked team, we have a target on our back because it’s always nice to win a big upset and you don’t have much to lose. So, I think teams come out and work really hard against us, but I think we come out even harder and make sure that they know that we show up to play every game.”

As a fourth-year, Calamari spoke happily of the chance to work with the first-years. “It’s been really exciting this season watching them grow and seeing what the future of this team looks like, because they’re super talented and super hard working,” she said. “I think all of the seniors think it’s nice to know the program is in really good hands.”

From the start of the whistle, UChicago would dominate the pitch on both ends, especially when it came to opportunities created. The University of Chicago women’s soccer team would outshoot their opponents by a 24–4 margin. The defense has been pivotal in clearing out balls and pressuring the other team, which is why 14 shots the Maroons took were on goal, while none of the shots taken by the Spartans were on goal. The University of Chicago women’s soccer team was constantly on the offensive, having also taken a total of 19 corner kicks, while Case Western Reserve only had one. 

The University of Chicago women’s soccer team is sound and always plays with energy and a purpose that eclipses each team they face. They are confident with their style of play when it comes to offense and defense. “I think we have been focusing more on the offensive part, and just trusting defensively that if we put the work in, it’ll be there. I think both are important, but it really depends on the game,” said third-year Jenna McKinney.

The Maroons will next face off against NYU on October 27 at 1:30 p.m. EST.