Maroons Dominant as Usual

The Maroons brushed aside Brandeis on the road to maintain their perfect record with a 2-0 victory. They also beat NYU by the same scoreline in similar fashion.

By Diestefano Loma

Coming off a dominant 2–0 victory against New York University, the University of Chicago women’s soccer team was back on the road as it faced off against Brandeis University. In similar fashion, the Maroons claimed a 2–0 victory, maintaining their perfect record of 17–0, as well as being 6–0 in the University Athletic Association (UAA).  

The Maroons didn’t hesitate and immediately got on the scoreboard when third-year Jenna McKinney scored her 11th goal of the season with a well-played through ball from fourth-year Madori Spiker. The offense continued to put pressure, with second-year Hanna Watkins having her deadliest shot in the 19th minute, when her volley hit the crossbar.

While it was a quiet first half in terms of scoring, the Maroons were definitely put to the test, as the Judges began to find their rhythm and took more shots and made more decisive plays as they increased the pressure they were putting on UChicago. In just the first half, the Judges had five shots on goal, with three players in their offense taking charge with the aim of leveling the scoring board. However, no more goals were scored.

As the start of the second half rolled on, first-year Katie Jasminski looked to drive the dagger into the hearts of the Judges by scoring the Maroons’ second and final goal of the game. This came around the 49th minute, after the goalie misplaced the ball and it went right through her legs, leaving Jasminski with the opportunity to sink it in the back of the net. 

Unlike most teams that the Maroons dominate, the Judges managed to get close to matching the Maroons’ dominant offense. Brandeis had 14 shots in total, with seven on goal. The Maroons had 20 shots in total, with six on goal. Jenna McKinney, who leads the offense as the top goal scorer, ended up having two shots on goal. Second-year Hanna Watkins would continue to demonstrate her abilities as she closed in on extending the lead the Maroons had. While she was at the right place at the right time to receive passes and crosses, two of the shots she took went just above the goal.

Aside from the lethal offense and precision displayed by the Maroons, the defense, starting with second-year Katie Donovan, continued to impress. Donovan went on to have five saves. First-year goalkeeper Miranda Malone, who came in during the second half, made two saves. One can’t deny the hustle and hard work put in by the defenders. This was demonstrated in an instance where the Judges’ offense was open to score a goal, but was thwarted by the Maroons’ defense whose pace and pressure allowed them to quickly shut out any threat. First-year Charlotte Waechter stayed firm and made decisive plays to keep the offense of No. 23 Brandeis out of the box. 

For most of this month, the University of Chicago women’s soccer team has been able to play at home. This is the first time since October 15 that they must travel outside of the state. As teams venture outside to play, there is always a chance that they are affected physically due to the long trek. However, Jasminski said, “Since we have such a good mentality and prepare well for every game, I don’t think going on the road will negatively affect our play. We have enough time to practice before the game to loosen up, focus, and get ready to play, and I think this will prepare us for this game just as well as at home!”

The Maroons will face off against Wash U on November 4 at 1:30 p.m.