Announcing Marketplace, a Free Online Classifieds Page

The old Marketplace, owned and operated by Student Government, will be retired.

By Euirim Choi, Editor-in-Chief ('18–'19)

A new version of Marketplace, the free online classifieds page for Hyde Park and its surrounding neighborhoods, is now live at

The previous version of Marketplace, which was hosted by Student Government (SG), will be retired. The Maroon has assumed hosting and maintenance responsibilities.  

Marketplace has a fresh new look and unlike the previous version, you will no longer be required to have University of Chicago CNet IDs. Simply log in with your Facebook account to buy and sell items or services.  

This change increases access to the service. Posting on Marketplace will continue to be free, unlike traditional classifieds pages.  

As with the launch of any service, bugs are expected. We request that users e-mail if they discover them. Feedback, including feature ideas, is also welcome.  

We welcome aspiring engineers to join The Maroon and help improve Marketplace by adding new features and making existing functionalities more robust in the coming weeks. Team members will acquire valuable experience working on a small social web application.  

Examples of problems that new team members could work on include developing efficient machine learning models to filter out spam and inappropriate content, designing and constructing an advertising platform with demand-driven pricing, and improving search speeds.  

If you like the service, please consider donating to The Maroon. We are an independent student-run organization that relies on donations from readers and advertising revenue to fund our journalism. 

The Maroon thanks SG president Calvin Cottrell and the creator of the previous version of Marketplace, Jeremy Archer, for helping to make this transition possible.