SG Announces Candidates for Upcoming Elections

The Executive Slate, Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees, and CC Class of 2021 races are contested.

By Deepti Sailappan, Managing Editor ('19-'20)

The contested Student Government (SG) elections for the next academic year are the Executive Slate, Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees, and College Council (CC) Class of 2021 representative races.

The Unite ticket for Executive Slate includes second-year Sat Gupta, who is running for president; second-year Natalie Jusko, running for vice president of administration; and first-year Malay Trivedi, running for vice president of student affairs.

Gupta and Trivedi both currently serve on CC, Gupta as its chair and Trivedi as a Class of 2021 representative.

A satirical slate, the Moose Slate, is also running. The slate, composed of members of Delta Upsilon fraternity, ran in 23 consecutive elections before a one-year hiatus last year. This year’s slate includes third-year Alex Cantave for president, second-year Jarrod Dominguez for vice president for administration, and second-year Jakob Feinstein for vice president of student affairs.

Running uncontested, next year’s community and government liaison will be second-year Marlin Figgins, and the graduate liaison to the Board of Trustees will be fourth-year biological sciences division graduate student Chris Stamper.

The undergraduate liaison position is contested, with three students vying for the slot: first-year Kyle Shishkin, third-year Pule Nkopane, and second-year Brittney Dorton.

Of the College Council class elections, only the Class of 2021 race is contested, with six people running for four slots: Raven Rainey, Alex Levi, Matthew Pinna, Brian Johnson, Myles Hudson, and Tony Ma.

Brett Barbin and Ayling Dominguez will be the Class of 2019 representatives, while Jahne Brown, Matthew Robinson (with Jaida Nabayan serving as a proxy in the fall), and Rachel Abrams will serve as the Class of 2020 representatives.

No candidates submitted an intent to represent the Graduate Council for the Humanities Division, so a write-in candidate will be elected. The Humanities Division is the only graduate division whose elections are conducted as part of the SG-wide process.