Activists Distribute Anti-Gay Pamphlets

One girl asked for a flier and ate it in front of the men.

By Jade Yan

Two men stood outside Regenstein Library this Wednesday morning, handing out blue leaflets that argued against the right to gay marriage.  

The leaflets were distributed on behalf of a group called Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment (H.O.M.E.). According to the organization’s website, H.O.M.E. primarily visits college campuses. 

Responses to the men varied but were generally negative. One girl asked for a flyer and ate it in front of the men.  

Others stopped and engaged the men in discussion, including Jessica Robinson, who lives with her wife as resident head in Burton-Judson Courts. “I feel very sorry for them, as people,” she said. “But I was delighted to see that everyone I saw engaged with them and asked thoughtful questions.” 

“We are not religious,” said one of the men, who identified himself as Wayne. “This is all scientific, logical, rational.” 

The leaflet compares homosexuality to smoking. It reads, “many of the very same people who favor restricting the rights of smokers and banning the use of slightly carcinogenic chemicals paradoxically favor expanding the rights of homosexuals. How much sense does that ‘discrimination’ make?” 

When asked if he thought homosexuality was a choice, he was less sure. “Yes and no,” he said.