Female Coach of the Year, Carissa Sain Knoche, Basketball

Basketball coach Carissa Sain Kniche led the women’s team to an undefeated season until the NCAA tournament, breaking numerous records along the way.

By Cavell Means

Carissa Sain Knoche is The Maroon’s Female Coach of the Year, coaching the women’s basketball team to a 24–3 record. With a 22-game winning streak that only came to a close with a crushing loss in the second round of the NCAA tournament, Sain Knoche masterfully got all of her players to buy into her system, with great results. Under her guidance, players such as second-years Mia Farrell and Taylor Lake, as well as third-year Olariche Obi, scored over 10 points per game, indicating that the team’s offense was very efficient and multifaceted. 

In addition to the 24–3 record, Sain Knoche was successful both at home in Ratner and on the road, going 12–2 at Chicago and 10–1 away. Fans and players alike will be excited to see the new heights that Sain Knoche can take this team to next year, as well as years to come.