Seniors Retell Their Strongest Memories From College

“I’m always making smaller fun memories—like actually talking loudly in the Reg with friends… because who else is gonna be in the Reg on a Friday?” —Harper Graf, history and MAPSS Candidate

By Sarah Lewis

“I guess I have a lot of fun ‘big’ memories, like going to the Point at the beginning and end of every quarter. Housemates and expats all come out and enjoy each other’s company, although some of the crazier ones actually go into the lake [laughs]. I always serve as trip photographer, so I have some amazing sunrise shots of all of us together. But I’m always making smaller fun memories—like actually talking loudly in the Reg with friends as we were working on our theses because who else is gonna be in the Reg on a Friday?” —Harper Graf, history and MAPSS Candidate

“My best memory from UChicago has to be when T-Pain came to UChicago for Summer Breeze! I never thought I’d ever see T-Pain in concert. It was so perfect for him to come to campus as well as perform his old and new songs. I had a fantastic time and that was for sure my favorite Summer Breeze during my four years. Also, my other best memories would have to be at midnight when Harper Café gives everyone in Harper free coffee and pastries. That got me through a few late nights and all-nighters.” —Frances McDonald, comparative race and ethnic studies, and philosophy

“While [the University] has granted me a lot of opportunities to do a wide amount of things and activities, I look most fondly on the small get-togethers, the relaxed weekends, the occasional outing downtown with a group, dinner trips, conversations stretching into the morning hours, and the stories I shared with certain individuals who mean so much to me.” —Cesar Dimas, Classics

“I can’t pin down my best memory, but so many amazing conversations come to mind. One thing I will truly miss is constantly being surrounded by people who thoughtfully and critically engage in every conversation.” —Laura Turner, environmental studies

“Sitting on the beach in Nice with friends during a weekend trip when I was studying abroad in Paris last spring, and winning my first gavel in Model UN.” —Anna Eckhoff, economics

“I don’t really have a best memory, because all of it was pretty great. What I do have to say, though, is don’t succumb to the peer pressure of overstudying. It’s not worth freaking yourself out about…. I didn’t spend every day in the library, and I’m lucky enough to be graduating with honors still.” —Chris Karamanos, political science

“One memory that could definitely qualify as the best, though, is when my house came back from a 20-run deficit to win a semifinal game of intramural kickball against the Law School. We ended up winning the championship which wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t made that comeback.” —Kevin Johnston, economics

“A day of house trips from my first year sticks out to me. I was able to see a Second City show, have dinner at Fogo de Chão, and see a movie at Harper Theater with friends from my house, and we were able to do all of this because of subsidies from our house, the now-defunct Palmer House.” —Will Smith, history and political science

“My favorite memory at UChicago would have to be working at Harper Café with all the incredible staff!” —Qudsiyyah Aamina, comparative human development

“I’m really grateful for all of the people that I’ve met at the University of Chicago. Growing up, I moved around a lot, and I was never able to develop strong, long-term friendships. Even though I’ve only been here for four years, I feel like I’m walking away with some of the most intimate and emotionally profound relationships of my life. The University remains entrenched in a history of racialized oppression and empowered by policies that harm marginalized students and surrounding neighborhoods. However, I remain hopeful for the University's future because of the students that I have met here. They are resilient, smart, and hardworking; they give me hope.” —Wendy Lee, gender studies and public policy studies