DU Hosts Party Despite Spring Allegations, Request From Admin

Delta Upsilon had a party tonight, despite the University’s letter. It comes after DU suspended social events.


Delta Upsilon hosts a party on September 22, the first day of O-Week.

By Pete Grieve and Euirim Choi

The Delta Upsilon (DU) fraternity hosted a party on the first night of O-Week.

DU social events were suspended in the spring, The Maroon reported, as the chapter faced allegations that at least one brother drugged female students.

The party went ahead despite a letter at the beginning of this month from University administrators to UChicago fraternity leaders asking their chapters not to host parties for first-years. 

Update (1:55 a.m.): As the party was shutting down around 1 a.m., a non-student security person working for DU told The Maroon that the party was closed to first-years, with fraternity members checking UCIDs at the door, but multiple party attendees told The Maroon that first-years were allowed into the party. 

A group of older students told The Maroon that first-year women had gotten in to the party. The students said it seemed that DU brothers were primarily allowing in first-year women who brothers would have found attractive.

The Kappa Alpha Theta sorority had a pregame with DU before the party, a source said.