Bannon Event Is Still On, Maybe

Booth professor Luigi Zingales’s event with Steve Bannon may be happening after all.


Wikimedia Commons

A spokesperson for Bannon said he plans to speak at UChicago in the “near future.”

By Tony Brooks, News Editor

Steve Bannon, former advisor to President Donald Trump, plans to speak at the University of Chicago in the “near future,” according to Bannon spokesperson Alexandra Preate.

Preate said in an e-mail to Crain’s Chicago Business that Bannon “looks forward to speaking at the University of Chicago in the near future,” but has to schedule around promotion for his new movie, Trump @ War, and ongoing trips to Europe.

Booth School of Business professor Luigi Zingales invited Bannon to the University in January to debate Austan Goolsbee, although Zingales said that he has not been able to get Bannon to agree to a specific date.

"We are still waiting for an answer," Zingales told Crain's. "I'm not holding my breath."

Goolsbee has called Bannon a “snowflake” on Twitter for not debating him.