UChicago Alum could be Brazil’s next Minister of Finance; Students pack Reg for J. M. Coetzee; and our podcasts are on spotify

UChicago Alum could be Brazil’s next Minister of Finance; Students pack Reg for J. M. Coetzee; and our podcasts are on spotify

By Euirim Choi, Editor-in-Chief ('18–'19)

Good morning. Welcome to third week.
Hillary Clinton will be joining her husband and daughter at the 11th Annual Clinton Global Initiative University meeting hosted on campus this weekend.
A new sushi restaurant has opened on 53rd Street. 
UChicago’s Department of Safety and Security is launching a free app. Called UChicago Safe, the app allows users to directly call the UCPD and CPD, report crimes, and speak to the University of Chicago Safety and Security dispatch center. The app also allows users to send their location to the UCPD while simultaneously calling to dispatch an officer.
UChicago alum Paulo Guedes (Ph.D. ’78), who has been selected by far-right Brazilian presidential election front-runner Jair Bolsonaro as his chief economic adviser, is being investigated for corruption unrelated to Bolsonaro’s campaign. If Bolsonaro is elected president, Guedes will likely be appointed Brazil’s next Minister of Finance.
Reince Priebus said at the Institute of Politics that he would get texts from President Donald Trump about his latest tweets. “Certainly there were many days that I picked up the phone and the President said, ‘Hey, did you see my tweet?’ I thought, ‘Augh, what tweet?’

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Editor Meera Santhanam writes in:

Columnist Alexa Perlmutter reflects on the blurred lines in the criminal justice system that she observed firsthand through her internship with the U.S. Attorney's Office in the sexual violence division.

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Editor Alexia Bacigalupi writes in:
Students and faculty alike packed into a room at Regenstein Library to hear “reclusive” South African author J. M. Coetzee speak.
Mid90s is an impressively touching film that manages to maintain Jonah Hill’s signature humor throughout.
The Takács quartet brought their unique, Hungarian sound to a program of Haydn, Shostakovich, and Brahms.
Venom combines an incoherent plot and poorly edited action scenes to underwhelming effect.
MassEducation comes across as straight-laced and unpretentious, a self-reckoning by an artist with unending ambition, unafraid to confront and deconstruct her own art.
Exhibit A: Where to go and what to do.
SOB X RBE: The Bay Area rap collective struggled to reach a wider audience at their Chicago show.

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Editor Miles Burton writes in:
On this week's Maroon Weekly: an alumnus was appointed to the Israeli Central Bank, TI has closed, GSU hosted a panel, a new University campus has opened in Hong Kong and Maroon sports has picked up a slew of wins. 
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