Faculty Forward Files Grievance; Reform and CARE Slates Compete to Lead SG

The union claims the University is violating their contract by continuing to bar union members from being eligible for the prestigious Quantrell teaching award.

By Lee Harris and Elaine Chen

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Good morning. It’s fourth week.

The union of non-tenure-track faculty members filed a formal grievance for the University’s continuing to bar union members from being eligible for the prestigious Quantrell teaching award.

  • Faculty Forward, the union, had pushed for eligibility since the beginning of bargaining in the face of University pushback.
  • Despite the changes in language made to the union’s current contract to grant them eligibility for the award, the University maintains that only tenured or tenure-track faculty members and senior lecturers are eligible.

Two slates are competing this year for the top positions in Student Government: Reform and CARE (“Community, Amplify, Represent, Empower”).

  • The Reform slate is made up of second-year presidential candidate Kyle Shishkin, first-year Vice President for Administration candidate David Liang, and first-year Vice President for Student Affairs candidate Anya Wang.
  • The CARE slate comprises third-years Jahne Brown, Brittney Dorton, and Kosi Achife, running for President, Vice President for Administration, and Vice President for Student Affairs, respectively.
  • Look out for The Maroon’s upcoming interviews with each slate in this week’s print issue.

Students will vote for their representatives on Blueprint from Monday, May 6, through Wednesday, May 8.

A report on graduate student education, released in early April, shows mounting dissatisfaction among graduate students in aspects of graduate student life including pedagogical training, funding, and grievance policy.

  • The Committee on Graduate Education, which was composed of University faculty and Ph.D. students from a range of departments, was charged last year by Provost Daniel Diermeier with providing an assessment of the state of graduate education.
  • The report made brief mention of Graduate Students United’s unionization efforts, stating: “the Committee takes no position on whether collective bargaining is the appropriate mechanism for discussing these issues going forward.”

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