Women’s Soccer Strives for Victory

Women’s soccer made an excellent comeback from a Friday loss through their game-winning performance on Sunday.

By Brinda Rao

This past weekend, the women’s soccer team rallied from a loss against Case Western Reserve by dominating in their Sunday game against Carnegie Mellon. The Maroons attempted several unsuccessful goals in their Friday game but managed to make a comeback in their Sunday game. Following these games, the team is edging into its season’s end as the 12th seed in the UAA.

The team has been training hard to end its season strongly. Following Wednesday’s snowstorm, the atmosphere for the end of its regular season is edging in. However, the Maroons continue to strive and persist in practice and games. Second-year keeper Emma Smith explained, “Pushing each other in practice and in games in order to succeed together is a huge part of our team's culture. Practices cater toward competition and preparing for the next game every time.”

The Friday game hit a few snags, especially with a referee getting injured six minutes into the second half. Despite efforts from the midfielders and forwards, no goals were successful. Captain Hanna Watkins had three shots on goal, in addition to attempting to connect a header from third-year Katie Jasminski. This game was complemented by third-year keeper Miranda Malone’s four successful saves. However, the Spartans’ Anika Washburn proved to be the only player on the field working two successful goals.

Reflecting on the game, Smith said, “The expectations of the team and the coaches going into every game are that we will give 100 percent every play and do anything for our teammates to win every game.”

The Maroons did not let the defeat stop them from rallying in their Sunday game. The final score was 3–2 against No. 23 Carnegie Mellon. The Maroons displayed a strong defensive play in the second half, successfully preventing all attempts on goal. This was heightened by third-year Maddie DeVoe scoring the only secured goal of the second half. Watkins commanded the game with two goals. This brings Watkins’s season total to 10 successful goals. 

Looking forward, Smith said, “Our ultimate goal is to win a national championship, but we focus on getting there one game at a time. WashU next!”

The Maroons will play the WashU Bears in their Senior Game on Saturday, November 9.