College Council Selects Chair; Vacant Class of 2022 Seat to Be Filled via Tiebreaker

Following the election of Zebeeb Nuguse as chair, College Council will convene on October 20 to vote on whether Evita Duffy or Allen Abbott—each of whom received only two write-in votes—becomes the Class of 2022’s fourth representative.


Baker Dining Hall

By Matthew Lee and Adyant Kanakamedala

College Council selected third-year Zebeeb Nuguse as the chair of College Council for the 2020–21 term in an internal election on Tuesday night.

By rule, the chair of the College Council cannot simultaneously serve as a College Council representative for their class. “The unelected candidate possessing the next highest number of votes in the Chair’s electoral unit will move into the seat formerly held by the Chair,” according to the College Council bylaws.

In this year’s election, however, two write-in candidates—Allen Abbott and Evita Duffy—tied for fifth-most votes in the Class of 2022 College Council election with just two votes apiece. Faced with a tie, College Council will meet to decide which of these two candidates ascends to College Council in a tiebreaker vote on Tuesday, October 20.

In a further development on Tuesday, Katie DeLong, who finished third in the Class of 2021 election, declined her position. Zeeshan Khan, who obtained the fifth-highest vote tally, will serve as the fourth representative of the Class of 2021 instead.

The 2020–21 College Council will be as follows:

Chair of the College Council:

Zebeeb Nuguse

Class of 2024:

Nikki Solanki; Julia Brestovitskiy; Connor Lee; Ash Arian

Class of 2023:

Bianca Simons; Tyler Okeke; Summer Long; Lydia Martin

Class of 2022:

Dinesh Das Gupta; John Fuentes; Harry Gardner; one of Evita Duffy or Allen Abbott

Class of 2021:

Firouz Niazi; Naa Ashitey; Kevin Yan; Zeeshan Khan