Maroon Expands Moderation of Web Comments

Explaining The Maroon’s updated comments policy.

By Miles Burton, Co-Editor-in-Chief ('20-'21)

Community engagement in the comments section is an important part of The Maroon’s expanding online presence. We want to engage our readers, and readers want the opportunity to discuss our work.

Ideally, the comments section is a space for readers to discuss articles with one another, but threads can quickly be dominated by off-topic conversations, spam, and acrimony without active moderation.

As such, The Maroon is updating its Comment Moderation Policy to ensure comment threads remain spaces for dynamic discussion of articles, not harassment and abuse.

This involves several important changes. All comments will be reviewed by a human moderator before appearing online. Comments will be approved if they are on-topic and comport with The Maroon’s community standards. By default, comment threads will be closed after 48 hours to allow our moderators to move onto more recent articles. When discussion is lively, that period may be extended to allow the conversation to continue.

As always, errors and corrections should not be posted as comments, but should be submitted here. News tips can be submitted here.

For more information, please view the policy in its entirety