An Exercise in Gratitude With The Maroon Staff

We’re not the first to tell you this is an unusual Thanksgiving. But maybe we can give you some ideas about how to spend the break.

By Maroon Staff

Most of the staff at The Maroon haven't seen one another since March. We've stayed connected to one another through hours of Zoom and thousands of Slack messages, and are eagerly awaiting a day when it's safe for us to return to our headquarters in the basement of Ida Noyes, but it seems we'll be waiting a while longer. In the meantime, we're trying to make the best of these circumstances, and what follows here is one of the ways we've tried to do so. As an opt-in exercise, editors, reporters, and contributors submitted one thing they were excited about for the upcoming Thanksgiving break. We hope the list makes you laugh, gives you a new idea for your own stay-at-home, or helps you get an idea of the people behind many of our bylines. Happy Thanksgiving from the staff of The Chicago Maroon to its readers, for whom we are consistently grateful—even when there's copypasta in the comments section. 

News editor Matthew Lee is at home in the Bay Area and is glad he won’t have to pretend to like turkey this year.

News editor Kate Mabus is staying with her dad, who just moved to the West Virginia wilderness. She's hoping for a Walden Pond moment to inspire enough motivation to make it through exams next week.

News contributor Shivani Sukla will be wrapping up her life in Delhi for her move to Chicago. She will be with parents, sister and fur-brother, Pharaoh, for Christmas.

Grey City editor Laura Gersony is excited to spend time with her two wonderful roommates, swallow science fiction novels, and re-pot some of her quickly growing seedlings.

News contributor Rachel Wan is in mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine! Though it can be boring at times, she’s taking this as an opportunity to unwind and relax from a busy fall quarter.

News contributor Myra Bajwa is excited to see her little brother for the first time since September, even if it is from a distance.

Viewpoints editor Ruby Rorty will miss her family in Santa Cruz, but is excited for the challenge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner with college students in an apartment kitchen.

Grey City editor Alex Dalton is missing his friends this year, but he’s happy to be back home and able to see how big his family's new kittens, Periwinkle and Barnacle, have gotten while he was away.

News editor Yiwen Lu is reconnecting with her old friends and is excited about having homemade hotpot for Thanksgiving dinner.

Grey City editor Avi Waldman is happy that she’s spending Thanksgiving with fellow college students who share her sleep schedule, so she’ll have company when she sneaks back to the kitchen at 1 A.M. to eat leftovers.

Copy editor and news reporter Michael McClure is spending the holiday season producing his piano studio’s virtual recital, writing the family Christmas cards, and keeping in touch with friends.

Arts editor Wahid Al Mamun will use the break to talk to whatever friends he has left in Singapore who haven't forsaken him despite his quarter-long radio silence.

Managing editor Caroline Kubzansky won’t be seeing her extended family this year, but she’s excited to play with her parents’ new puppy and read a lot of novels.

Editor-in-Chief Emma Dyer will be completing her fourth GRE practice test of the week, followed by enjoying lots of turkey and pumpkin pie with family.

Editor-in-Chief Miles Burton will be perfecting his two-person pie recipes and his recipe for poached chestnuts.