UCM To Create Medical Records for Student Body in Preparation for Vaccine Distribution

The program will make all students who do not opt out of a UCM medical record eligible for a vaccine during Phase 2, predicted to begin May 31.


University of Chicago Medicine

By Kate Mabus

All students who do not opt out by March 1 are to have a UChicago Medicine (UCM) medical record created for them in preparation for Phase 2 of vaccine distribution, according to a UChicago Forward email sent by Dean of Students Michele Rasmussen on Wednesday.

The program follows the University’s announcement of an on-campus vaccine clinic in partnership with UChicago Medicine that will open to all eligible members of the University community. The clinic will serve community members through Phases 1c and 2 upon approval from the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Students who do not want UCM to create a medical record for them must opt out by 5 p.m. on March 1 using this form. Creation of a medical record does not obligate any student to receive the vaccine, but any student who opts out of a UCM medical record will not be eligible to receive a vaccine from the University’s on-campus clinic.

Students who are enrolled in the surveillance testing program or who have previously been UCM patients already have a medical record through UCM’s MyChart patient portal. Once a medical record has been created, students will be able to use MyChart to schedule their vaccination appointments and access any other medical records.

Most students will become eligible for the vaccine during Phase 2, which is projected to start May 31, less than two weeks before the end of the academic year on June 12. In the email, Rasmussen wrote, “We do not yet know how many students will be able to receive vaccines on campus before the end of the academic year or over the summer. But we are preparing for many contingencies with the goal of offering the vaccine to as many members of the University community as possible.”

Students who have high-risk medical conditions or whose employment includes on-campus activities and exposure to classrooms may become eligible in Phase 1c and must self-identify using this form. Those students with medical risk must attest to having at least one of a number of conditions identified by public health officials as risk factors, including cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, pregnancy, and smoking.

Students without an existing MyChart account who do not opt out from UCM’s creation of a medical record will receive instruction on how to activate their accounts by email in March.