UChicago’s COVID-19 Policies: A Year in Review

The University spent the summer making plans to bring students back for a “hybrid” autumn quarter in spite of the pandemic.

By Elise Yu and Caroline Kubzansky

June 2020

  • The University announces that it will adopt a hybrid model for the autumn quarter, with a mix of virtual and socially distanced, in-person classes.
  • The University accepts $6.2 million of CARES Act funding to cover institutional costs and distribute financial support to students.
  • To mitigate the projected $220 million deficit, the University announces optional and mandatory staff furloughs, pay cuts for administrators, and hiring freezes.

July 2020

The Maroon learns that faculty will have the chance to choose between an in-person or remote format for their classes. 

August 2020

  • Lee announces the UChicago Health Pact. Students must complete a COVID-19 training program and submit a form attesting to their compliance with the University’s new policies. 
  • Members of the UChicago community are encouraged to urge those not adhering to COVID-19 measures to follow the UChicago Health Pact. The UChicago Forward page outlines different scenarios for dealing with students and faculty. To avoid confrontational situations, campus community members are advised to report incidents—in detail—to supervisors or to the University’s Accident/Incident Reporting System (UCAIR).
  • Lee announces testing, tracing, and isolation measures that will be in force during the school year for University members.