College Council Representatives Elected for the Classes of 2023 and 2025

Miriam Sills was elected as a College Council (CC) representative in a special election for the Class of 2023. First-years Devin Johnson, Jordyn Flaherty, Ariana Ukaonu, Chelsea Wu, and Kate Wehle will also join CC this fall.

By Michael McClure

With 104 votes, Miriam Sills was elected as the fifth College Council (CC) representative for the Class of 2023 in a special election. The five elected CC representatives for the Class of 2025 were also announced after voting concluded this afternoon.

Sills fills the position vacated by Parv Golwelkar before the beginning of the 2021–22 academic year. In a post on the University’s Class of 2023 Facebook group, Sills cited her membership on the Committee on Marginalized Student Affairs and her identity as a low-income college student as factors driving her candidacy.

“I am confident that I can bring my experiences as a low-income student to expand academic and professional resources, improve access to critical mental health resources, and continue sexual assault prevention and awareness,” Sills wrote in the post.

The other candidates for the position were Simon Jordan (90 votes), who ran on a platform of honoring the life of his late classmate Max Lewis, and Daniel Gendy (25 votes). There were also 10 abstentions and six votes for write-in candidates.

Of the 18 candidates on the ballot for the Class of 2025, Devin Johnson was the top vote-getter with 217 votes. Jordyn Flaherty (203 votes), Ariana Ukaonu (172 votes), Chelsea Wu (150 votes), and Kate Wehle (139 votes) will be the other Class of 2025 representatives. A total of 2100 votes were cast, including 17 abstentions and 171 write-ins.

According to fourth-year Allen Abbott, Student Government’s executive vice president for internal affairs, about 15 percent of the Class of 2023 and 28 percent of the Class of 2025 cast ballots.

The results come three weeks after fourth-year Marla Anderson was chosen as CC chair. Anderson replaced Murphy DePompei, who was initially elected to the position of vice president for administration but became CC chair in June once Student Government’s split went into effect. DePompei resigned from her role in July.

The complete roster for the 2021–22 CC is:

College Council Chair:

Marla Anderson

Class of 2022 Representatives:

Isabel O’Malley-Krohn, John Fuentes, Alexander Vinarov, Harry Gardner, Justin Smith

Class of 2023 Representatives:

Tyler Okeke, Bianca Simons, Summer Long, Ángel Rosales, Miriam Sills

Class of 2024 Representatives:

Connor Lee, Ash Arian, Jefferson Lind, Evelyn Li, Darya Foroohar

Class of 2025 Representatives:

Devin Johnson, Jordyn Flaherty, Ariana Ukaonu, Chelsea Wu, Kate Wehle