International Students Face Challenges over COVID Restrictions; Econ 100 Midterm Sparked Twitter Debate | Newsletter for February 16

The February 16th, 2022 edition of The Maroon newsletter.

By Yiwen Lu, Managing Editor

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Good morning, and welcome to week six! We are more than halfway through winter quarter. ☀️  Here are some highlights from The Maroon’s coverage last week.

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International students face challenges as COVID-19 travel restrictions make it difficult for them to return home during breaks.

  • Some students have not been able to return home since they have arrived on campus, while others face sudden and unexpected changes to travel policies, making it difficult to plan.

The Women’s Network (TWN), the largest collegiate women’s networking organization in the U.S., will launch at UChicago on February 15.

  • TWN UChicago’s first information session is Tuesday, February 15 in the Ida Noyes West Lounge.
  • The organization hopes to “prepare women to achieve professional success, while cultivating and celebrating their ambition” through a non-competitive, woman-centric network.

A question on an Econ 100 midterm sparked a debate on Twitter this past week. Senior Instructional Professor in Economics Allen Sanderson told The Maroon that he likes to use “real-word, real-life” questions.

  • The question referenced a Guardian column by University of Massachusetts-Amherst economist Isabella Weber last December and asked “How would a real economist respond?” to the issue of rising price levels.
  • It drew criticism from Harris Professor Steven Durlauf and Booth Assistant Professor Joshua Dean, amongst many others.


Editor Laura Gersony writes in:

Reeling from the death of a recent University graduate, students tried to organize an "apolitical" rally. But calls for increased policing and surveillance surfaced anyway—along with instances of anti-Black rhetoric—prompting widespread criticism. Grey City reporter Eshan Dosani sits down with an organizer to reflect on the controversial demonstration.


Editor Kelly Hui writes in: 

Columnist Rachel Ong ruminates on her relationship with food on campus in this thoughtful and moving piece.

UChicago Against Displacement pens an op-ed to demand the University support the Community Benefits Agreement Coalition in a step towards repairing its harm in the South Side.


Arts reporter Belle Nahoom encourages us to go see the touring production of Oklahoma!, a revival that has breathed new life into its arguably outdated material.

Arts reporter Evan Williams reflects on what he’s learned from ghostwriting the love of others via customized romantic poems.