Special Report: March Primaries

By Quinn Kane

What exactly does the Cook County Board of Commissioners actually do? The Cook County Assessor? Who is Jerry “Iceman” Butler? Bob Fioretti? How are candidates J. B. Pritzker and Daniel Biss both tied to UChicago? What does an FBI wiretap have to do with this? And what does it all mean for paying rent in Hyde Park?

Maroon reporter Quinn Kane sits down with Citizen Bulletin members David Wyman, Alex Shura, Gianluca Yong, and Zarek Drozda to talk about the various primary races culminating this March.

Hosted by: Quinn Kane

Featuring: David Wyman, Alex Shura, Gianluca Yong, Zarek Drozda

Edited by: Quinn Kane and Grace Hauck

Music by: Aaron Cendan