College Council Elects 2022-2023 Chair and Vice Chair

Connor Lee and Jordyn Flaherty will become the next Chair and Vice Chair of College Council, respectively.


By Casey Kim

During the College Council (CC) meeting on Monday, May 2, representatives voted for second-year Connor Lee and first-year Jordyn Flaherty to become the next Chair and Vice Chair of CC.

Lee, currently a CC representative for the Class of 2024, ran unopposed. Lee’s current position will be filled by second-year Aaron Wineberg. As with the president, the CC Chair has the power to veto legislation.

“I believe that my approachability and self-effacing style make me well-suited to take on these responsibilities,” Lee said during the meeting. “If elected, I will regularly devote time to bonding and mentorship during College Council meetings. I am committed to creating a space where everyone’s voices are valued and respected.”

Flaherty, a current CC representative for the Class of 2025, ran alongside Lee and won 13-1. As Vice Chair, she hopes to make CC more positive and productive.

“I look around this room, and I think that this is a space full of dedicated, talented people,” Flaherty said. “And I think we can accomplish so much if everyone here feels cared for, appreciated, and motivated to do important policy work.”

CC also held runoff elections for the Class of 2023 representative position. The position was previously held by Tyler Okeke, who was voted as the next Trustee and Faculty Governance Liaison during last Monday’s meeting. CC representatives voted 15-0 to elect Meghan Hendrix as the next representative for the Class of 2023. Hendrix had previously tied with third-year Daniel Gendy with four votes as write-in candidates in the general election.

This article was updated with new information as of Wednesday, May 11.