Jenkins, Lu, Angel, Dasgupta, Montiel Elected Class of 2026 College Council Representatives

Fifteen first-years vied for five spots on Undergraduate Student Government’s College Council.


Michael McClure

Newly elected College Council representatives Luz Maria Montiel, Elijah Jenkins, Juan Simon Angel, and Meera Dasgupta after the announcement of the results.

By Michael McClure

Elijah Jenkins, Tim Lu, Juan Simon Angel, Meera Dasgupta, and Luz Maria Montiel were elected to be the five College Council (CC) representatives for the Class of 2026 on Wednesday, October 12. CC, a board composed of five members from each class and one nonvoting chair, votes on legislation that concerns the undergraduate student body.

Fifteen first-years ran in the election, held from October 10 to October 12, to fill the five open seats. Students from the Class of 2026 cast 476 total ballots, which included 17 abstentions and several votes for write-in candidates.

Of the winning candidates, Jenkins received 227 votes, Lu 183, Angel 172, Dasgupta 121, and Montiel 99. They will serve on CC for the 2022–23 academic year and receive their committee assignments within Undergraduate Student Government (USG) in the coming weeks, USG Executive Vice President Jefferson Lind said when the results were announced this afternoon.

The field of candidates was slightly smaller than in past years, with 18 running last year from the Class of 2025 and 19 running in the fall of 2020 from the Class of 2024.

Lind noted that candidates who didn’t earn places in CC could still serve on USG’s committees.

“I want to encourage people to apply for committees if they haven’t yet. There are a lot of ways to get involved in student government, and that’s another good way to do it,” Lind told The Maroon after the results were announced. “We have a lot of promising candidates, and I’m even more excited about the new year.”