Letters to the editor

By The Maroon Staff

To the Editor:

The Downtown Center of the University of Chicago (the Gleacher Center) was built without windows in its classrooms, thereby shielding the Business School students from one of the finest urban vistas in this country. Since the Business School likes to isolate its students from distracting urban surroundings, should the University consider having that school’s 58th Street building placed, except for its entrances, entirely underground? Most of the surface of the area behind Ida Noyes allocated to this new building might then be made into a lovely park from which much of the campus, including Rockefeller Chapel, could be viewed with pleasure, if not even with profit, for many generations to come.

Respectfully Yours,

George Anastaplo

Lecturer in the Liberal Arts

To the Editor:

I agree with Daniel Sullivan’s commentary published April 16 in defense of retaining the University’s History of Western Civilization sequence as it currently stands. This sequence is fundamental to understanding our past, present, and future. Without it, we lose the perspective necessary to be good intellectual stewards of the knowledge we gain in any field of endeavor.

The University’s decision to “quietly phase out” the “History of Western Civilization” that is currently part of the Common Core would be a mistake.


Michael I. Goode

Graduate Student