Crystal Castles, The Walkmen, Wale, and Milkman to play Summer Breeze

The eclectic mix of musicians will play at the annual spring festival.

By Christina Pillsbury

Crystal Castles, The Walkmen, Wale, and Milkman will headline the May 14 Summer Breeze concert in Hutch Courtyard, the Major Activities Board (MAB) announced online this morning.

MAB chairperson and fourth-year Marie Joh said the group was aiming for diversity this year. As a result, they ended up with an electronica band, a rock group, a hip-hop performer, and a mash-up DJ.

But mostly she wanted a “really dancey line-up.”

Crystal Castles, the band behind the Maroon’s number one indie album of 2008, is an electronic band known for their "wild stage antics.” Their most recent, self-titled album has generally garnered more critical acclaim than previous ventures–which Pitchfork magazine called “awful shit.”

Hip-hopper Wale has been in the national rap scene since 2006, and may be most known for his collaboration with Lady Gaga on his song “Chillin.” His most recent album, “More About Nothing,” got mixed reviews from Pitchfork. But–it was Seinfeld inspired.

The Walkmen should be a fun act to have back–when they played Mandel Hall in 2004 the Maroon reported that they rocked the reviewers’ socks off. And more importantly, the bassist stopped playing at one point to tell the keyboard player, "I'm hot."

Although Joh said MAB was going for name recognition, a Wikipedia search of Milkman is fruitless. But according to Joh, MAB chose the mash-up DJ partially because GirlTalk sold out in two and a half days last year.

Hopefully there will be more room to dance than at MAB's Girl Talk show in November 2009.