The Blanche Lincoln—Buster Douglas debates

Wonkette has the find of the week today with

By Tim Murphy

Wonkette has the find of the week today with this screengrab from Fox and Friends. Look, even the Chicago Maroon makes mistakes every once in a while, but there’s a difference between, say, misspelling “public” as “pubic,” and thinking that Frederick Douglass debated Abraham Lincoln. (Not that I wouldn’t have paid to watch that debate).On an unrelated note, I’ve been meaning to clarify my earlier post on Jeremiah Wright. My point is not that Jeremiah Wright is an entirely rational, sane individual—I think he’s got crazy streak, as his press conference Monday displayed. It’s just that in order for that to actually be exploited politically it needs to be distorted to an extent that’s unfair to the Pastor, Trinity, Obama, and just about everyone else within six degrees of seperation. If you take issue with his sermons, by all means, take issue with his sermons. But just don’t assume that it’s at all relevant to Barack Obama.