Deranged Kenwood resident to decide election

By Tim Murphy

View Larger MapOutside of Tim Russert’s attempt to reveal to the world that Barack Obama is a card-carrying member of the Nation of Islam, there wasn’t much to report from tonight’s final Democratic debate. Russert spent about six minutes trying to guilt-trip Obama into disowning, disarming and then dismembering Louis Farrakhan live and on stage, even going so far as to read aloud decades-old quotes even after the Senator had answered the question. It was inspired.What was left unsaid, however, is that Louis X and Obama are practically neighbors and therefore practically buddies:View Larger MapIn terms of irrelevant and ridiculous questions he could have asked, I think Russert should have at least summoned the courage to ask if they every carpool or attend each other’s barbecues or something.Also, I stumbled upon this tour of Hyde Park with Michelle Obama. It’s not much of a tour, but she does reveal that she and Barack first snogged outside of the Baskin Robbins on 53rd. The very same Baskin Robbins which recently went out of business. Coincidence?