It depends on what your definition of “embarrass” is

Mitt Romney ann

By Tim Murphy

Mitt Romney announced today that he won’t “embarrass” the nation like the Clintons did. That’s great, I guess, but Monica was, like, 10 years ago. Is he gonna distance himself from Chester Arthur’s illegitimate child and Ulysses S. Grant’s incompetence, too? Gee golly whiz crickets.More to the point, Romney record proves otherwise. No, he won’t be giving a hooker a personal check anytime soon, but Romney has repeatedly gone out of the way to embarrass those he governs. While he was still governor of Massachusetts, he made a habit of poking fun of the commonwealth at out-of-state campaign events. He’d speak to audiences in South Carolina and essentially say, “Can you believe I have to deal with these freaks?” So while I don’t expect him to go before the UN and trash baseball and apple pie, I certainly wouldn’t put it past him.