Where was this 331 years ago!?

For the second time since it was burnt to the ground by Metacomet and his savage hordes in 1676, my h

By Tim Murphy

For the second time since it was burnt to the ground by Metacomet and his savage hordes in 1676, my hometown is back in the news. (Here is our other claim to fame. Note that Tyson received a standing ovation in his first fight post-prison, and also that that fight cost $45 on pay-per-view.)Curt Schilling has thankfully realized that there are much more useful things to do with a bully pulpit than campaign for John McCain. But while it’s certainly a good cause, I, like many, can’t help but wonder how different things would be if our militia had received that kind of support during King Philip’s War. Perhaps Isaac Chenery’s house (and 31 others) would never have been incinerated, the Garrison house would not have been destroyed, and dozens of innocent Zachiaras and Abigails would have lived to see another harvest. If only.Schilling’s activism, while commendable in this case and also in his campaign to raise awareness for ALS, has often brought speculation about his political future. Putting aside the generic statements about electing him mayor (Boston would sooner have this guy), it does seem like a real possibility at this point. In addition to stumping for McCain this year, he spoke in New Hampshire on behalf of Bush in 2004, and testified before the Senate in the infamous steroids hearings a few years ago.He certainly has the public profile. However, I can’t see him winning anything in Massachusetts despite his on-field accomplishments. His support for Bush did not go over well, and his character has been assailed on more than one occasion–not to mention the whole Republican thing. His other home state, Arizona, would be a better fit for sure, but he’d lost almost any advantage he get from being a celebrity by virtue of the fact that Arizonans just aren’t that attached to the Diamondbacks. Would they really care that he was once World Series co-MVP? Probably not, and the fact that he agreed to a trade out of town could hurt as well.