Couture du Jour – January 24, 2006

By Sarah Cohan

The 2006 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired over a month ago on CBS, and yet it has remained one of the most popular searches on many fashion sites. Why has this show remained in our minds? Because we should all commemorate the one night of the year that Karolina Kurkova, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, and Gisele Bundchen walk the same runway. (The fact that they were half-naked is just a bonus.) December 9 was the night of Victoria Secret’s 10th annual fashion show, and it was certainly a night of ultimate entertainment.

The show started with a large Victoria’s Secret gift box opening to reveal beautiful models in seasonal undergarments. The skin was tanned, the breasts were accentuated, and every viewer was envious of the taut behinds that popped out under each colorful thong.

Each outfit was more amazing and ridiculous than the last. One of my favorites was the purple satin necktie underwear, starting at the neck and coming down to a point just below the crotch (complete with a matching strapless bra).

The Russian-influenced portion of the show was my favorite. The colors, fabrics, and cuts were phenomenal and completely original. What better theme to go with for a sexy dominatrix? Tyra Banks—who walked the runway for the last time in this show—wore a beautiful purple-and-blue bra decorated with a shiny metal belly cover and matched with a belt. Other outfits had velvet coattails lined with pompoms. I hope to see this style hit their stores in the future.

Victoria’s Secret started televising the fashion show 10 years ago, and it was marketed as the most entertaining show of the century. This year, Victoria’s Secret spent $10 million the show, teeming up with Swarovki crystals to add million-dollar crystals to the line-up. Gisele was the first to walk, wearing $12.5 million of these tiny crystals encrusted to a Fantasy Bra lined with red satin. Someone was living their fantasy up there on the stage.

While Googling the fashion show, several sites pop up blaming Victoria’s Secret for continually degrading women and consistently personifying them as lap dogs for men. While there may be a shade of truth in this argument, a fair amount of women want to be sexy, and for some, being sexy is a dominant position. But where does the girl who wants the runway styles go to buy them? This is where it gets complicated.

There is no list to be found of the designers involved in this year’s creations. Not being able to find the creators, was the next logical place to look. A link on the site claims to direct you to “glamorous lingerie inspired by the Victoria Secret Fashion Show,” but none of the outfits look anywhere near as exotic as the barely-there styles that night. One can only hope that later this year Victoria’s Secret will house actual lingerie inspired by the amazingly sexy 2005 fashion show.