Honoring Leif Erikson through pancake fundraisers

Everyone celebrates

By Tim Murphy

Everyone celebrates Leif Erikson Day differently. The good people of Seattle took the opportunity to unveil a restored statue of the conquering chieftan himself (Watch out, Lady Liberty!). In Durham, NH, an estimated 75 would-be stormin’ Normans took to the streets for the 31st annual Leif Erikson parade. The local paper has a delectable recap of what transpired:

The parade has become a local legend since it started in 1977, launched by the late Nobel K. Peterson, a former University of New Hampshire professor, and two friends of Scandinavian descent. The group decided while washing clothes at the Main Street Laundercenter to celebrate the famous Viking explorer by marching next door to Young’s Restaurant for breakfast.

Spoken like a true Viking. Food-inspired celebrations are not unique to Durham, though. Over at Minnesota State University at Mankato, students are honoring Erikson today with a pancake sale in the student union. I’m not sure whether this an attempt to portray the Vikings in a more peaceful light, or just an excuse to eat pancakes, but it sounds like a successful formula.