Jacoby Ellsbury reads my column, take action

What other explanation could there be?

By Tim Murphy

What other explanation could there be?Making his first-ever postseason start, Boston’s rookie centerfielder took it to Wahoo and the Indians with an RBI single and a run scored. Obviously this is in response to my column, calling for the abolition of Chief Wahoo. Way to seize the initiative, kid!Also of note: If FOX’s broadcast was any indication, Senator Chris Dodd, who is to democratic presidential candidates what Zippy is to comic strips, has apparently received the coveted Bud Selig endorsement. The two were shown enjoying each other’s company in a private box at Fenway Park during the game. I use the word “enjoying” loosely, because true to form, Selig was scowling and Dodd had broken out the “concerned grandfather” frown that he hopes will be enough to secure the nomination.THERES ONLY ONE OCTOBER.(Photo: Jim Davis/Boston Globe)