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Voices gets critical of the past year, giving you our Top 5 picks for Music, Movies, Songs, Guilty Pleasures, Fashion Trends, and Obama Merchandise.

By Ben Sigrist

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You may believe that 2009 was a year of horrible disaster and paralyzing uncertainty, but remember, 2012 draws closer and closer. Our imminent destruction via apocalyptic flames looms on the horizon. We should be grateful for the relative peace and tranquility afforded us by the yearly releases of Twilight and Harry Potter films. With our impending doom so near, what lessons can we draw from the past year? Well, as the end times approach, we now know that Buddy Holly glasses aren’t so chic and would not be appropriate attire for meeting our maker. Clutching our official “Barocks” close to our chests and realizing that Hope and Change are meaningless in the face of ancient Mayan fury, we will be thankful for Miley Cyrus’s infectious “Party in the U.S.A.” while we sink into the dark abyss. So 2009…imma let you finish, but 2012 is definitely going to be the best year of all time.

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