Commit Yourselves, SG

By Maroon Editorial Staff

At this university, we spend a great deal of time either complaining about SG or completely ignoring it. We say it’s useless and fails to get anything done, and when it does manage to accomplish something we can only seem to see the worst in it.

The reality is that, even if we choose to ignore it, the leaders of SG nonetheless represent us, the student body, inside the University to the administration and outside of the University as well. They are using our student activity fees to allocate money for the groups we are members of and the activities we participate in.

In recent weeks, many complaints have been heard about the new LCD screen in the Reynolds Club and how spending money on this represents the failure of the current leaders of SG to understand what the student body wants. Right now, we will put those complaints aside. SG, if this screen is one of the priorities of your current administration, by all means support it fully. Make sure the screen is turned on, the camera is facing the location it is supposed to, and the schedule of events is easily visible. If this is your priority, do it right.

Questions have also been raised about the allocations of funds in SGFC. Deciding how to divide up money among groups and activities of varying sizes and purposes is by no means easy. We ask only that you do this not only with the student body in mind, but also with a great deal of forethought and organization.

In the near future, a new group of student leaders will vie for the top positions in SG, and we ask that these students remember that SG is about making a commitment to the student body and that this commitment is vital to our campus life.