Bringing up the rear

By The Maroon Staff

While the chairs in the library might seem like an insignificant topic, student comfort is essential to the intellectual experience at the U of C. This may be the place for the Life of the Mind, but our asses have rights too.

The chairs haven’t been replaced since any of us have been at the University—and it shows. In an effort to improve the comfort level in the most popular study and hangout space on campus, the library is preparing to replace its current drab, grey chairs with one of three finalists. Even more exciting is that students get to pick the chairs. In the front vestibule of the Reg, we can both test and vote on all three models.

Perhaps the most unfortunate aspect of this development is that it hasn’t been the norm. It is shocking to see a University-run facility actually take into account the interests of its patrons. Look no further than Hutch and the C-Shop, with their slow and inhospitable environments, as evidence of this.

The U of C has never been known for being particularly warm and fuzzy, but the Maroon is hopeful that changes are brewing to improve the quality of student life. Ratner Athletics Center was the beginning, with its user-friendly design. The science quad has also received an aesthetic boost with the new Interdivisional Research Building. The next step for the University is to ensure that the new student dorm fits the needs of the students who will be living there. Along this line, the administration has already taken steps in the right direction by considering student opinions.

So when the day comes that you get to sit in one of the Reg’s new chairs, remember: You chose them.