A reading list for Iran

I’ve recently become fascinated with

By Andrew Hammond

I’ve recently become fascinated with Iran. I’ve tried to educate myself on the country and its politics. I thought I might share some of the best stuff I’ve read so far.Obviously, I have to give a shout out to a journalist among journalists, and UofC alum, Sey Hersh (A.B. ’58). His article in The New Yorker published last month is great beltway copy. If half what he reports is actually happening in the administration, every American should be worried.After you read Hersh’s portrait of what is, you should read Milani’s description of what could be. Milani shows that the way to deal with Iran is not to bomb the country, but to offer Ahmadinejad and the clerics the stark choice of a nuclear program or a stable economy. Milani rightly argues that multilateral sanctions from the US, Europe, and Japan would make the Iranian government reconsider the value of a nuclear program.Alec was nice enough to publish my article on Iran today in the Maroon. In it, I evaluate the claim that if democracy is going to happen in Iran, it will be because of the students. On Friday (Alec willing), I’ll publish another column, arguing that going to war with Iran now would make Iran less free and America less secure…among other things.