Home of the proud

An interesting new study fr

By George L. Anesi

An interesting new study from my alma mater shows that Americans are the most proud, relative to other nations, of their country’s democratic system, political influence in the world, economy, science and technology, and military. This is not particularly surprising; these are categories that are generally regarded as the successes that make America stand out among the nations of the world. Americans weren’t nearly as proud about their athletics (which I found a bit surprising), and their social security system for which the Canadians were most proud.My personal interests and chosen (future) profession may bias me, but I think our country’s dominance in advanced science and technology is perhaps most important and influential among the listed categories, and will in turn sustain many other aspects of society. Probably for the first time since America catapulted itself to superpower status, it is now being challenged on the technology front by emerging powers in India and China specifically. It is essential for the continued dominance of America to stay ahead of the pack on this front.