The most absurd stories of the day

The Plank had two very amusing stories today:1. Larry Kudlow

By Alec Brandon

The Plank had two very amusing stories today:1. Larry Kudlow argued that a recent upturn in the stock market is because investors LOVE the Israeli intervention in Lebanon:

I think there are good reasons to support Israel’s counterattack against Hezbollah. But Lawrence Kudlow’s argument–that it’s stoking the stock market–is not one of them. Seriously, Kudlow really is arguing that the war is causing the markets to surge. You really need to read his whole column to get the whole flavor. For instance:

For a long two weeks Israel and Hezbollah have been going at it hard, and world stock markets have chosen to climb. The backward-looking media pessimists won’t see this, but the real world, real money votes of the global investor class should be noted and digested by all the rest of us. Indeed, I believe world investors are thankful for Israel’s courageous efforts in the cause of freedom, independence, security, and hope for the future.

I should remind the readers that Kudlow is not just some raving nut sitting in a windowless room. He writes about economics for National Review and hosts a talk show on CNBC. In other words, he’s a raving nut who enjoys prestigious platforms to disseminate his views.

2. Joe Lieberman attacked Ned Lamont for belonging to an all-white Greenwich country club. Then Al Sharpton attacked Joe Lieberman for using this tactic against Lamont when the same tactic was used against Bill Clinton who Lieberman has had campaign for him. BUT, it turns out Sharpton was the one who attacked Clinton for belonging to an all-white country club. For once Lieberman isn’t the one who looks like the douche bag.