Should the University have alerted students sooner?

Yes. I think that is obvious, but Kiss’s quote in the

By Alec Brandon

Yes. I think that is obvious, but Kiss’s quote in the Tribune article shows a complete lack of understanding of urban college campuses:

Alison Kiss, program director at the non-profit Security on Campus, which works to prevent violence on college campuses, said too much time lapsed before officials notified the community. Similar concerns were raised after the shooting massacre at Virginia Tech University this year, which left 33 dead, including the gunman.”In this case, where a [staff member] was shot at, students were robbed, it is important to make sure there is a way to notify your students,” Kiss said. “We like to see it within 30 minutes when there is an imminent risk.”

The problem is, if we got alerts every time a student was robbed or an apartment was broken into, I’d pay as much attention to cAlert emails as I do to nightly “junkmail summary” (which is none).Clearly I think you alert people sooner if a murder happens or if there is a shooting on campus, but short of that, there is no point to alert students that they live in an urban campus where they shouldn’t walk around alone at night on empty streets.