Niels Bohr

By Alec Brandon

I’m studying for a midterm and there is some material on Niels Bohr.Every time I see his name I can’t help but laugh at this Simpson’s joke:

Man on TV: Tonight, on FOX: ‘When Dinosaurs Get Drunk’…Homer: Hmmm… (The dinosaur walks into the tar pit.)Homer: Heh, heh, heh. Oh, I’ve been there, man.Man on TV: …has been cancelled.Homer: Huh???Man on TV: Instead, we bring you ‘The Boring World of Niels Bohr’.Homer: *splats his ice cream sandwich at the TV* My ice cream sandwich! AND WHERE THE HELL IS THE REMOTE? *talks angrily and tears the couch*

That’s pretty much the pinnacle of humor for me.