Best movie action sequences

Kiss Me Suzy does a

By Alec Brandon

Kiss Me Suzy does a draft of top action movie scenes. As always, it is hilarious and an added bonus is that they have videos of many of the scenes they talk about.In general, I agree with their picks (although theres are kinda “best action scene you’d want to be in” and kinda not). Here is my top 5 (general action sequences, I probably wouldn’t want to be involved in any of these):1) Final action scene in Léon (The Professional): So badass, and under-rated. Not to mention huge points for the awesome twist at the end of it.2) Final sequence of Last of the Mohicans: Daniel Day Lewis and Co. are so out of control hardcore here its not even funny. (Here is a video.)3) Final sequence of The Matrix: I remember seeing this in the theaters when it first came out. The trench coats, the lobby fight scene, the subway sequence, it doesn’t get much better than this.4) Final sequence of the first Lord of the Rings. Honestly this one does it for me more than the final battle of Return of the King (which was ultimately anticlimactic for me).5) Absurd car chase scene in Ronin.Honorable mention: All of Crank, final sequence of Kill Bill Vol. 1, final car chase in The Bourne Supremacy, and opening sequence of Casino Royale.Note: I haven’t seen Heat or Bullitt, but I don’t think that should hold me back here.