Democrats avoid taking a hard turn left

Andrew Sullivan posts an

By Alec Brandon

Andrew Sullivan posts an email from a conservative who is already pensive about his decision to vote for Jim Webb in the Virginia Senate race:

It’s quite depressing. My vote for Jim Webb was my first vote for a Democrat for national office, and I cast my vote knowing that the Dems wouldn’t be any more “small government” than the GOP, but hoping that perhaps the number of centrist Democrats that were being elected would pull them away from the precipice of leftism. Well, early indicators suggest the Democrats are prepared to do just what they said they’d do (higher taxes, pull away from the war, no new, engaging ideas)…

Well the most liberal elements in the House were set back today when the relatively moderate Hoyer (who is supposedly in the Clinton-Democrat school along with Rahm Emannuel) trounced Murtha (a vocal critic of the War in Iraq and in the Dean/Pelosi camp). Here, here.