The downside

With the AP now calling Vir

By George L. Anesi

With the AP now calling Virginia and the Senate for the Dems, I thought I would point out what was lost this time around.So, I rooted (and for the most part voted) for the Democrats this election. Staunchly in the Andrew Sullivan camp (shocker!), I thought the Republicans had failed to check their own power and the country needed some accountability. The fact that Rumsfeld resigned today is clear measure of that new accountability.What I do regret, however, is that aside from the likes of Rick Santorum, moderate Republicans took the brunt of the GOP’s beating. It’s bad because it leaves the Republican party probably further to the right than it already was, but it’s also bad because these moderates–Lincoln Chafee (formerly R-RI), et al–are the ones I would ordinarily put my support behind. I stand by my general support for the Democrats this time around, but sincerely regret losing some of these moderates.And it is not surprising that moderates were the ones hit hardest. How are close elections won? When centrists, moderates, and independents–where I typically fall–skew heavily in one direction. This time around it was definitely blue. Here’s to hoping that a split government removes as much of the hubris from our leaders as possible and that moderates are voted back in two years from now.Until then? McCain in ’08. Hoot!