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As of 1:02am McCaskill is declaring victory. Now going to sleep for reals.As of 12:58am I

By Alec Brandon

As of 1:02am McCaskill is declaring victory. Now going to sleep for reals.As of 12:58am I am going to sleep but Democrats remain in the lead in the three remaining Senate seats. Montana and Missouri have sizable leads for the Democratic candidates but Webb is beating Allen by a tiny tiny margin in Virginia (even though he has declared victory) and a recount looks likely. The interesting news tomorrow is likely to be the rhetoric surrounding the Allen-Webb recount. Hopefully the GOP will be forced to eat much of what it said during the 2000 recount. This is really turning into the dream scenario for the Democrats. More to come tomorrow. Nite.As of 12:21am it looks like Arizona’s $1 million voter reward referendum has failed and it is too bad.As of 12:08am Intrade had the price of GOP holding onto the Senate collapsing. It was in the upper 70s and lower 80s just a couple hours ago, not the price is in the 20s. But this is the best indicator that what I’m reading off of the early results is the real deal.As of 12:03am CNN is reporting that McCaskill is winning by 1% with 80% of precincts reporting. Also, Webb remains ahead of Allen with 99% of precincts reporting (although a recount is likely) and Tester is still holding strong. If all remains the same there could be a Democratic senate in the mix!As of 10:49 CNN is reporting that Webb has taken the lead in the Virginia Senate race, if only by 3,000 votes. Also, Tester has a lead in Montana, even if 9% of the precincts have been tallied. If the Democrats can take those two and pull of something in Missouri where Republican incumbent Talent still has a sizable lead (with 53% of precincts reporting) then the Senate will be 49-49-2, which would essentially be a Democratic Senate with Lieberman caucusing with the Democrats.For the best coverage on this, turn on Comedy Central and keep visit The Plank, TPM Election Central, and Talking Points Memo.