Fantasy Congress

The NY Times has

By Alec Brandon

The NY Times has a great article about the small, but growing popularity of a fantasy congress league. I’m at the Maroon office right now and people are talking about starting one up (I’ll probably do it).The idea is simple; you draft a team of Congressman and get points each week if your legislator passes legislation.This is really an awesome idea. It will make the legislative process exciting for people. Fantasy Football has been an enormous boon for Football as it added an element of excitement for the casual fan that didn’t exist before (I’m also an active Fantasy Footballer although I’m 3-4 this year, although still in the hunt for a playoff berth).I’m not saying that this will become a sensation like Fantasy sports, but I am saying that it will encourage the competitive and politically conscience to take a more active approach to learn about the wheeling and dealing in Congress.Oh man, I’m pretty excited about this.