Weekend Quick Hits

1) Even the conservatives are startin

By George L. Anesi

1) Even the conservatives are starting to desert George Allen. His presidential aspirations are just about shot and he’ll have a damn hard time even winning re-election.2) And the U.N. wonders why I have so little faith in it (Ok, I guess they don’t wonder why I specifically have little faith, but you get my point). Peacekeepers should not shake hands with terrorists.3) The San Francisco Chronicle reporters who broke the Bonds/BALCO steroid story and then wrote the phenomenal book about it, which I heavily praised, may be heading to jail. With what has happened at the NYTimes in recent years, we are in serious need for a new debate about the rights of journalists and confidential sources.4) A classic: Jay Drezner’s Top Ten list of “Reasons Why I Am A Genius And My Brother [Dan Drezner] Is Not”.