The plight of urban black men

A new

By Alec Brandon

A new report shows the plight of urban blacks males:

A black man living in a high-crime American city can expect to live 21 fewer years than a woman of Asian descent in the United States. The man’s life expectancy, in fact, is closer to that of people living in West Africa than it is to the average white American.

It is so absurd that there is such a huge demographic in the US whose life expectancy rivals that of West Africa. This is also a demographic that really has no champion. The far left would claim to represent these people, but the dire straights of urban black men isn’t going to be fixed by throwing money at it or passing big box ordinances or minimum wage hikes. My first recomendation, single men are essentially ineligible for the EITC. It has done wonders for single-mothers. Why not give it a new name and repackage it for single men?