Facebook uproar

It was delightful to see articles in both the

By Alec Brandon

It was delightful to see articles in both the Washington Post and the WSJ on the Facebook’s controversial newest feature “news feed.” If you don’t already know, the news feed appears when you log-on and it shows every action your “friends” have taken. An example is featured below (it is the graphic from the WSJ article).The new feature has prompted hundreds of thousands to join groups demanding that Facebook get rid of the new feature. Many have claimed that it divulges too much information about people. But I think many are just upset that the layout has changed so radically on something that was so comfortable otherwise. If people were that upset about privacy they could just block people from accessing their own information.Regardless, it is funny to see so many people get so upset about something so unsubstantial, then, to see the mainstream media report on this uproar.